Our modern specially designed chalets are constructed in UPVC and offer double glazing, climate control (warm in winter, cool in summer). Each chalet is individually furnished with a scratch tree, chair, litter tray and sleeping basket. Bedding and toys are provided or if you wish you are welcome to bring your own. Your pet will receive lots of cuddles and tender loving care. Our aim is for your pet to feel at home and happy no matter how long their stay.

Meals: Only you know what is best for your pet. We will provide the same food and feed at the same times as your own regular routine.

Hygiene: Cleanliness is a top priority with each chalet thoroughly cleaned every day using high quality veterinary virucidal disinfectant. As we wish to ensure the health and safety of all our boarders we prefer regular revaccinations and ask for up to date vaccination certificates.

At no extra charge we are also happy to administer medication should this be required plus fully comprehensive insurance is also included for the duration of your pets stay.



Woodside Pet Hotel, 1 Clopton, Kettering, Northants NN14 3DZ

Telephone: 01832 720623